Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FT STEM curriculum?

The FT STEM curriculum is a comprehensive science, technology, engineering and mathematics education program for grades K–12. The curriculum develops STEM skills through a variety of fun, hands-on scratch build aircraft activities.

What national standards does the curriculum address?

Our curriculum addresses the following National Standard Groupings of STEM:
• Next Generation Science Standards
• International Society for Technology in Education Standards
• Science and Engineering Standards of NSTA
• National Council of Teacher Mathematics Standards

Is FT STEM available outside of the US?

Currently our curriculum is designed to meet specific national standards for the United States, but you may create your own lessons and content through our online interactive clasrooms website.

How much does Interactive Classroom cost?

The interactive online classroom is $99/year. This grants you access to everything that makes the FT STEM program unique: your online classroom and the ability to invite students to your class, view lesson plans, create lesson plans, and access grading tools and resources.

How much does it cost per student?

With the paid interactive online classroom subscription, you can add unlimited students to your class free of charge. Once your classroom is activated, you will be able to send your students email invitations to enroll in your class. Costs of lesson materials and supplies will vary based on the number of students in your class. FT STEM lesson materials and supplies are available at the Flite Test Store.

What is an engineering design model?

An engineering design model is a problem­solving tool that guides students through the creation of a solution. Read more here.